Exhibition spaces

The diverse offer presented by our exhibitors requires a variety of stand building. The selection of appropriate construction for the surface  is an important element that can be of key importance in attracting the attention of your customers. 

That is why we offer exhibition spaces that can be successfully adapted to your requirements.

Exhibition space without stand construction

Option for companies that already have their own stand construction or prefer untypical projects. It is also possible to order individual project matching your expectations and needs (special stand).

This type of space does not include media or furnishing. 

Exhibition space with stand construction

Stand construction and size of space adjusted to exhibitor’s expectation.

The price includes: inscription on fascia board (up to 20 characters), floor covered with grey carpeting, stand construction of octogonal type equipped with dustbin, coat hanger, 1 spotlight per 3 sq m, electrical connection one phase 2 kW, standard cleaning.

We can also prepare graphics for the stand.

Standard stand 6m2

Perfect option for companies who wants to present information or smaller products. 6m2 stand is fully equipped and ready to use. Besides elements typical for stand construction, price includes also a counter with a shelf, a table and 2 chairs. 

Stand includes:

- stand construction of octogonal type,
- grey carpeting,
- inscription on fascia board (up to 20 characters),
- 1 spotlight per 3 sq m,
- electrical connection one phase 2 kW,
- dustbin,
- coat hanger,
- standard stand cleaning,
- counter with a shelf,
- table,
- 2 chairs

Special offer

Premium stands 12sq m and 15sq m

We have also prepared an unique offer for premium stands 12sq m or 15sq m. They were designed with thought about most important and most wanted elements of furnishing that are necessary during the Trade Fair. This fully equipped yet original stand will distinguish you from other companies and become interesting background for presented products. It is also perfect alternative if you look for projects that will save your time and money needed to prepare special stand. Graphics for the stand are printed and stuck onto by our specialist according to your design.                                                      

12 sq m premium

version 1

version 2

15 sq m premium

verion 1


version 2