An attractive booth is a must-have. Make sure it matches your company colours. Place your logo in a visible spot, show off your posters, visiting cards and roll-ups. Guarantee good lighting. Shows, visualisations and tastings will help attract potential clients and linger in their memory long after the event.
Presentation and training area
If you want to make your offer more attractive, it is always a good idea to organise shows in your booth, as well as in the presentation and training zone. Show off your business idea and allow clients to learn more about it. Your presentations should be interesting, unconventional and content-focused. The agenda of the presentation and training zone will be promoted in advance of the trade show to attract as many visitors as possible.
Catalogues, leaflets, brochures, souvenirs
Catalogues, leaflets and brochures are a must at every booth. Make sure they contain the most important information on your company, delivered in a way that makes the reader want to know even more. If you’re taking part in an international trade show, see to it that your leaflets speak the local language. But that’s not all. Anyone who comes to your booth can take away a promotional souvenir. Remember: office workers can never have too many pens and notebooks, IT people will never say no to an extra USB, power bank or screen cleaner, while everyone else is sure to enjoy a stress ball! Flex your creative muscles, imagine what your potential clients would be happy with, and create the perfect souvenir for your company.
Information and invitations
If you want tap the full potential of this industry event, it’s not enough to just book a booth and show up. Let people know you are planning to attend the trade show on your website and social media pages to attract more potential clients. In the Exhibitor panel, you will also find 30 e-invitations you can send out to your guests. Don’t forget to do so before the event!
Trade fair e-catalog
Joining our e-catalog is an important step in the promotion and advertising of your company. This elaborate e-catalog allows you to post photos, videos and downloadable files, and you can include a description of your company in Polish and in English to reach both domestic and international clients.
Seminar rooms
EXPO Kraków seminar rooms may be booked by companies interested in organising training courses, workshops, wine tastings and lectures during the HORECA/GASTROFOOD/ENOEXPO trade fair.  You do not need to be an exhibitor to take advantage of the offer.
The rooms are modern, spacious, air-conditioned and fit for almost any purpose; they may be used for press conferences, workshops, Master Class tastings, industry meetings, small gatherings or film screenings.
All our rooms have good acoustics and come equipped with a wireless mic, overhead projector, screen, chairs, tables and 30 glasses. You may also request an automatic blackout & dimming feature.
Consider booking a seminar room if you really want to make the most of your trade show experience. All events will be described and promoted on social media and in the accompanying agenda.